City Cranes

Fullers Mobile Cranes stocks a wide range of powerful city crane trucks available for lease. From the compact 8T to the colossal 55T, we’ve got you covered!


8T City Crane:

  • 3m 
  • Width x length of carrier – 2.000m x 6.700m 
  • 380 kgs at 19.80m radius




16T City Crane: 

  • Boom length – 25.0m 
  • Fly jib – 5.5m 
  • Width x length of carrier– 2.200m x 8.200m 
  • Outrigger width – 5.100m 
  • Gradability – 30% 
  • 250 kgs at 28m radius



55T City Crane: 

  • Boom length – 50.0m 
  • Width x length of carrier– 2.750m x 11.496m 
  • Outrigger width – 6.500m x 6.900m 
  • 700 kgs at 38m radius




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