Mobile Crane Hiring Services Holroyd, Sydney

Affordable and reliable crane hire services

Fullers Mobile Cranes offers affordable and reliable crane hire services in Sydney that will get the job done and save you money in the process. We are one of Australia’s best suppliers of mini and large mobile cranes. Our lifting equipment is suitable for use in any environment. Our all-terrain cranes are suitable for use in the city and the outback.

We’re a large and diverse crane hire company, servicing the Sydney Metropolitan area. We have the resources and the flexibility to go anywhere our clients may need us. With a modern, varied fleet of mobile cranes, we are equipped to provide you with the perfect crane for all your specialised heavy lifting projects.

Why choose us?

Exceptional services

We provide a range of services for several industrial and commercial clients, including governments and semi-government bodies and organisations. We build long-term relationship with our clients; these are mutual relationships based on safety, quality, timely service and an anticipation of their needs. At Fullers Mobile Cranes, we are constantly improving our fleet to meet an ever-changing market.

High safety standards

When you’re looking for a reliable crane company, you want to know that their equipment upholds stringent safety standards. We only hire licensed and experienced crew, and all company employees are responsible and self-motivated. You can rely on them to successfully complete any job allocated to them in a timely fashion. Each crew member has a comprehensive understanding of our WHS Policies and adheres to our mission statement. As a valued client, you can look forward to our dedicated services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mobile and mini crane fleet

Fullers Mobile Cranes is the go-to place for mobile crane rental services. More than 30 years later, and an additional 14 mobile cranes for hire, we’re the largest and most diverse crane hire company in the country.

With a diverse range of equipment and generations of industry expertise, we are well-equipped to help you lift just about anything. Getting you the right crane and service when you need it are good measures of the value we deliver.

All cranes and equipment are modern, well presented and fully equipped with the most current technology. Our cranes have Work Cover plant item approvals.

Mini crawlers

Irrespective of its size, mini crawlers have a powerful mechanical advantage that enables it to move a host of materials and different objects that are beyond human limit. We offer mini crawler cranes for hire that are ideal for building floor slabs and crawling through muddy sites. We stock the 3T Crawler, which won the 2011 Lift of the Year and the 4T Mini Crawler.

City cranes

We stock a wide range of city crane trucks for hire, including the 8T (the smallest of the range) and the 55T, the most powerful city crane made to date. The city cranes in our range include the 8T City Crane, 16T City Crane, 40T City Crane, and 55T City Crane.

Franna cranes

The franna cranes have long dominated the Australian market. As the ultimate ‘taxi’ crane, franna’s are versatile and multipurpose allowing use in workshops, plant sites, mines. Our franna machines are powerful and are classed as pick and carry machines. These cranes are ideal for machine fitouts and driving on site. Our range of franna cranes includes:

All terrain cranes

All terrain cranes offer the perfect blend of flexibility and productivity, delivering a high return on investment. Choose from the 80T, 100T and 130T. All terrain cranes include a luffing fly jib, which is perfect for tall buildings on congested sites.

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